Brain Dunn “Piccadilly Willy”

OccupationStay at home Dad
Preferred Bat33" Jackie

Where your Nickname come from: “Piccadilly Willy” was my grandfather’s nickname during his service with the 101st Airborne’s “Filthy Thirteen” during World War II. He was immediately captured by the Germans after completing his jump on D-Day and held as a POW for 11 months.

What drew you to vintage base ball: “I love playing and watching baseball, and I’m drawn to the history of the game. Vintage ball is an amazing way to tap into all of those things.”

What was your favorite moment from 2014: “My favorite personal achievement was reaching base every plate appearance during the league tournament. Reaching base is key in vintage ball. My favorite team moment during the season was our rally against the Scouts in the preseason. That was an amazing game.”

“People ask me what do I do in Winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.” – Rogers Hornsby

Brian also works as a part-time newspaper assistant for the papers throughout Middle Tennessee

Photo by Simon Herrera