James Baird “The Conjuror”

OccupationGraphic Designer
Preferred Bat34" Buford

Where did your Nickname come from: “I was a professional magician for about 12 years.  Mostly close-up magic but I’ve appeared on stage also.  That’s the basis for the nickname, but I strongly believe that there is a “magic” in the game that will never be fully expressed in words.”

What drew you to vintage base ball: “My son and I caught one of the first games of the inaugural year at Bicentennial Mall.  We were both amazed!  It [1864 rules base ball] is so old, it might as well be brand new.  When I realized some of the players were my age or older, I knew I had to play.  I feel very privileged to be part of this growing base ball family.”

What was your Favorite moment from 2014: “That’s a tough one.  I’ll go with my 3 up 3 down inning at Greer stadium… but all of the smiles we’ve shared during regular games trumps that.”


Hey, kids!  You can’t always win, and you can’t always lose, but you can always have fun.

Photo by – Unknown 2014