Simon Herrera “Nips”

OccupationProcess Engineer
Preferred Bat#34 Buford

Where did your Nickname came from: “While doing football research I came across a player name Edward “Nips” Murphy. He was a WWI war veteran and a starting QB for the Rock Island Independents. Love his story and have met his family, it’s in his honor”

What drew you to vintage base ball: “My dream of playing to entertain others. My love of history and my respect for those who played the game when it was less about money, a chance to walk in their shoes.”

What was your favorite moment from 2014: “Playing in Engle Stadium on Father’s Day. Talking to a Father and his 2 little girls right before the game started. Hitting a triple in the gap on my first at bat and the sound of the crowd as the ball split the fielders and rolled to the wall.”

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

Photo by Emily Helms 2014